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Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Have you exhausted all of your home remedies, but still have dark hollows or bags? Would you like a way to improve the under-eye area?  We can recommend Stem Cell Treatment.  This is a is a breakthrough in the treatment of under eye bags. Botox can't treat this, and Filler in this area can give uneven results as the skin is so thin. Stem cells to the rescue, while PRP has also been shown to help with under-eye bags, our Wharton's Jelly preparation significantly improves on results. Our perperation is obtained from a US licensed FDA approved lab. The Wharton's Jelly compound contains a complex extracellular matrix dense in collagen that increases compressibility, flexibility, cushioning, and tensile strength of your tissues.

Dark circles - eye bags
Dark circles - eye bags
Under eye bags Stem Cells
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