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Are you ready to take your beauty routine to the next level? At Botox Oahu, we have amazing specials that will save you hundreds of dollars on top of our already incredibly low prices. Check out our incredible reviews and get amazing results at unbeatable prices.

Semaglutide $100/wk, Terzepatide $150/wk

Terzepatide and Semaglutide are a once-a-week subcutaneous injected medication that suppresses appetite and has been used by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, and Elon Musk to help them lose weight.  It can help you lose up to 25% of your body weight.  However, unless you have Diabetes (HgbA1c > 6.5), it is not covered by insurance. Getting your prescription filled at the pharmacy will cost about $1400 for a 4-week supply.

We have made special arrangements with a pharmacy here in the US that is a Hawaii state-licensed, DEA-approved compounding pharmacy and is of the highest quality.  While supplies last we can offer Terzepatide at $150/wk and  Semaglutide shots in the office once a week for $100/wk.  Compared to the cost at a pharmacy this saves you $1000 a month, that's is a 70% savings. Check the retail price of Semaglutide here.  

Gift Certificates Get 10% extra

Get an additional 10%. Spend $100 and get $110, spend $500 and get a $550 gift certificate. 


Are you looking for the perfect gift that will make your loved one’s face light up like a Christmas tree? Look no further than Botox Oahu!  Our gift certificates are the perfect stocking stuffer and can be used for any of our services.  You could even suggest to someone else that you wouldn't mind getting this kind of present yourself. Who knows, maybe they’ll get one for themselves too and you can make a spa day of it!

Available through Dec 31st. 

Cannot be used on the same day of purchase. Some Exclusions Apply.

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Buy Filler and get 2nd syringe at half off.

Botox Oahu 4.jpg

Versa regular price is $650 which is $100 less than Juvéderm, and with this special you can get a second syringe for half off or $325.  Each Versa syringes contain 1.2cc vs 1cc for Juvéderm giving you 20% more product.  With this special you will get 2.4cc for $975 as compared to $1800 for 2.4cc of Juvéderm which save you an amazing $825.   

$200 off Micro Neediling

RF Micro-needeling is an excellent adjunct to Botox to help revitalize and rejuvenate you skin.  If you purchase over $200 worth of Botox we will give you $200 off RF or regular micro-needling 

Micro Needling.jpg

50% off EM Slim and Lipo HIFU for Semaglutide patients.


Supercharge your weight loss journey with increased muscle tone and target and get rid of trouble spots all while saving up to $500.

Hifu Body Slimming.jpg

Buy Filler and Get Up to $600 in Free Botox

We have a special offer for you that can earn you up to $600 in free Botox.  For a limited time when you buy any Allergan Dermal Filler you get Free Botox.


Buy one syringe at $750 

and get 10u of Free Botox worth $140

Buy two syringes at $750 per syringe

and get 30u of free Botox worth $390

Buy three syringes at $750 per syringe

and get 50u of free Botox worth $600

filler free botox.jpg

Botox $11.11 a unit !!

Get rid of those 11's with Botox at the amazingly low price of $11.11 per unit.  Buy a year's worth of Botox for $1000.


Come in every 4 months for 30 units of Botox, 90 units total.  You save $170 off our regular price. 

Buy 3 Laser Hair Removal Treatments and save $50

Diode laser hair removal is very effective, and you will notice a significant decrease in hair after just one treatment.  But dormant hairs will eventually grow and need to be treated, save money buy getting a package of 3 laser hair removal sessions.  


Bring a Friend and get $25 off

Celebrate your new look with friends at Botox Oahu!


1. Bring a friend with you and get $25 off your procedure.  


2. Refer a friend for treatment and get $25 off your next procedure. 

10 units of Free Botox

Get 10 units of free Botox worth $140 when you sign up for a new treatment modality. Choose from RF Microneedling, Lipo HIFU, Pico Laser, EM Slim Neo, or PDO Thread Lift and discover the benefits of these cutting-edge treatments. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer.  For established patients only. 

Try something new.jpg

Filler $100 off our already low price 

Administered by our registered nurse injectionist will administer the dermal fillers under Dr Schaefer's supervision.  Juvederm $650 for 1cc, Versa $550 for 1.2cc - Limited time offer. Alle' Flash rewards can save you even more. 

Five Pico Laser treatments for $1000

Get a series of five Pico Laser treatments, come in once a month for 5 months.  Can be used for age spot removal, melasma, skin rejuvenation, or medium sized tattoo.  

tat removal.jpg

Buy 5 Tattoo removal sessions get the 6th free

$150 to $400 per session depending on the size of tattoo.  Buy 5 treatments and get the 6th for free 

Sign up for the free savings and reward program for Botox®, Juvéderm. 

How much you will earn per treatment.

  • $20 reward value for each Botox treatment

  • $20 for each syringe of  Juvéderm

We also participate in Alle' Flash where you can save even more, sometimes hundreds of dollars!

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