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Micro Botox

Micro Botox

Micro Botox (also known as meso or intradermal botox) is an advanced Botox-based technique developed to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and in some cases even acne. For this procedure, Botox is highly diluted into a solution of skin-hydrating agents and then injected in small doses into the dermis, the inner layer of your skin, in various places on the face and neck.  This innovative technique opens new dimensions of skin rejuvenation.

Micro Botox is new to the United States, with few practices offering the benefits of treatment. As a pioneer in aesthetics Dr. Schaefer has adopted this technique into her practice. At Botox Oahu, we perform Micro Botox treatments at our state-of-the-art location in Aina Haina on Oahu.

Micro-Botox, a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses the same formulation as regular Botox to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. This FDA-approved treatment is injected via microdroplets using mesotherapy into the superficial level of the dermis, making it ideal for treating delicate facial muscles like crow's feet and balancing out minor asymmetries. It's also popular for treating fine lines and wrinkles in sensitive areas like the neck and jawline.

Not only is micro-Botox effective at treating mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles, it's also a great preventative treatment for younger patients. Plus, it can reduce pore size, sweat gland size, and sebaceous gland size, making it a useful option for those with excess sweating, oily skin, or active acne breakouts. In some cases, continued treatment with micro-Botox can even cause sweat glands to atrophy, preventing sweat production altogether.

Experience the benefits of micro-Botox for yourself and discover smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

Micro Botox Indications

How Micro Botox Works

Micro Botox injections cause your sweat glands, as well as your sebaceous glands (which secrete an oil that can contribute to the development of acne), to shrink and atrophy; they also visibly reduce pore size. The result of these changes is skin that is smoother, clearer, and less oily. And since the injections are made superficially instead of into the facial muscles, Micro Botox does not cause the loss of movement the “frozen” effect that regular Botox treatments can sometimes cause. Rather, Micro Botox works just underneath the surface of your skin to fill out the lines and wrinkles being targeted, leading to a translucent glow that makes your skin look healthy and more youthful.

This treatment results in youthful looking skin and a refreshed appearance: without the drawbacks of other Botox treatments. Unlike traditional Botox, Micro Botox is performed at a superficial level. This keeps facial muscles safe from the “freezing” effect sometimes associated with regular Botox injections.

For some patients, Micro Botox treatment can treat both acne-causing inflammation and acne scarring. Micro Botox effects are not permanent and may be reapplied after a few months.


Our Micro Botox Treatment

Dr. Schaefer delivers Micro Botox using mesotherapy with tiny needles to place the injections strategically in various locations on the face and neck, just below the skin’s surface. Some patients find the procedure uncomfortable, but not extraordinarily so. Some patients experience erythema (redness of the skin) after treatment, which can last for around 72 hours afterward. The course of treatment (number of visits required and their frequency) can vary from patient to patient, depending on factors such as skin quality and level of sun exposure between treatments.


Yelp! Review 3/4/2021  ✭✭✭✭✭

It was my first time seeing Dr. Schafer for Botox but before writing a Yelp review, I wanted to wait after 10 days for my Botox to fully kick in to see the results. Well the results are in. Dr. Schafer did an excellent job!  I am 100% satisfied. It's because she listened me about where I needed Botox  and right there she was drew the Botox from the bottle in front of me (most places are shady and already have the syringe ready. Not knowing what product they're using). She takes her time to mark the area she's injecting and talks you through what she's doing. She really has great bed side manners and is really polite.  I've decided that this is the place that I'll go to for my Botox treatment because she truly is one of the best injectors on the island. Coming from Beverly Hills, she's equivalent to the doctors there but with much reasonable price per unit.   A very happy patient!

Yelp! Review 5/15/2020  ✭✭✭✭✭

I have been getting botox for 12 years now and been to many plastic surgeons etcetera for it and I must say Dr. Schaefer was REALLY REALLY good at! Perfect injection placement, and  zero pro longed bee sting looking injections from over dilution like many plastic surgeons do while charging the same for less effective and shorter lasting treatments. You can tell the difference if you been getting it a while or if the doctor wasn't over diluting the botox then they start plus it has higher likely hood of spreading into unwanted areas causing droopy eyelids etc. I think Dr Schaefer could charge more per unit based on that alone but I am glad she is priced as she is dont get me wrong! I would go to her for botox, fillers or whatever in a Heartbeat no problem!

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